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Ms Pasch-Donohoe helped me build confidence in my own leadership qualities and increase my credibility within the team.

Thanks to her support, I managed to expand my leadership style in a way that enabled me to achieve the optimal results, even when working in a team with all sorts of different people and personalities.

In a coaching, I consider it important to have an independent consultant and advisor. This has always been and still is very important because our company is experiencing a challenging time. Especially in phases like this, you need a neutral point of orientation when it comes to structuring decision-making processes. Her way of presenting different perspectives and opinions enhanced my performance to a great extent.

I was looking for a coach that is able to strengthen and support me in performing my management tasks. I realised very quickly that her individual coaching style and her experience are coupled with strong competence. Her absolutely flexible coaching has always helped me find answers to any question arising. Working with her makes it very easy to discuss and find solution-oriented measures that are of a very high relevance for my work.

Everything she does makes her many years of leadership experience tangible and appreciable. This competence is rounded off by her ambition to ensure a high quality and the maximum benefit for all participants.

Renate Pasch-Donohoe helped me structure myself in complex situations and develop new strategies. Her ability to quickly understand complex contexts and formulate her comments neutrally, as well as her wealth of experience made her a valuable interlocutor for me. In addition to this, I also entrusted her with the team coaching for one of our departments. The challenge here was to form a geographically scattered group of people into a team and, furthermore, to develop measurable goals to make the team’s work tangible for the company and its staff. The most recent annual team meeting has shown that she mastered this challenge with great success. Now, the team has common, measurable goals and is motivated to reach them.

Her support both at a professional and personal level always matched my development and gave me the time and freedom to develop in line with my abilities. She showed me my limits and was able to cautiously lead me beyond.

As a mentor, coach and personality, you are an extraordinary person and I wish any manager, or those who prepare themselves for a management task, you as their companion.

Your coaching for my team has always been a closed process and I can be sure that the results of the individual sessions are not disclosed to third parties. For my team, this trust in your discretion means that they can be completely honest.