Personal Energy Protection

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Personal Energy Protection

An internalised PEP* competence is the basis for mastering stressful situations without running the risk of a physical and mental breakdown.

Positive and negative stress are normal components of everyday life. However, people who are passionate about their work can quickly overreach themselves. Where this is noticed too late, mental and physical symptoms lead to a loss of power and effectiveness.

What makes Personal Energy Protection so special is that it goes beyond the usual health and stress-management tips. It adddresses your personal needs and shows realistic and individual solutions that can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

We are looking forward to building a PEP* team with you!

PEP* = Personal Energy Protection

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In our Personal Energy Protection program, we develop the basic knowhow and required tools to systematically manage stressful situations. Practical tools make it possible to protect your personal energy.


  • Know yourself: reading and assessing the signals and symptoms of fatigue
  • Be yourself: knowing and purposefully using resources to provide relief
  • Empower yourself: tools for relaxation and regeneration
We all are Chief Energy Officers


Stress is a term for something that challenges us beyond the norm.

Normally, our organism supplies us with the energy required to perform our tasks and activities.

Without this energy, our mind and body are weakened and our stress resistance and stress competence decrease. This means that situations that would normally be seen as a challenge are perceived as stress.

We become fatigued when we expend more energy than we replenish. In the long run, this deficit can cause a stress disorder, or even a burnout.

We often cannot predict or influence the challenges that life confronts us with. However, what we can do is strengthen ourselves mentally so that we can trust in our ability to master the individual challenges with courage and confidence.

Personal Energy Protection helps you keep "all systems go".

You receive concrete tools and tailored knowhow that help you find your own personal way to balance your energy and and renew it on time.

I myself plan 2 to 3 “pit stops” every day, to refill my mental and physical energy reserves before they run out. This can be, for example, a short break with breathing exercises, drinking a smoothie or a walk around the block. What “pit stops” can refill your energy tank?

I wish you fun in expanding your PEP* competence and look forward to actively supporting you in your efforts.

Renate Pasch-Donohoe

PEP* = Personal Energy Protection