Can Strengths Turn into Weaknesses?

Being uncontrolled is one of the biggest risks for our strengths. This is why we need a complementing characteristic to generate a balance so that our strengths don’t become our weaknesses.

For example:

  • Impatience, coupled with assertiveness, can overemphasise the effect
  • Empathy, coupled with goal-orientation, can lead to inner conflicts
  • Perfectionism, for a pilot, is a must, but for a manager, and his/her team, it can be a burden
  • And humour atthe wrong moment can create more frowns than smiles

Being conscious of our strengths – especially those that can turn into weaknesses – gives us stability and (self-)confidence.

My strengths and those that turn into weaknesses (situation – intensity)

  • Think of challenges that you mastered.
  • What strengths supported you in this situation?

In which situations did the known strengths not lead to the desired effect?

Were you, maybe, too goal-oriented, understanding or analytical?

What complementing strengths can balance imbalances?

Charisma can be perceived as self-importance. Here, down-to-earth modesty, as the complementary strength, can have a helping effect. Goal-orientation can turn into tunnel vision. What strength could help here?

  • What complementary strengths can protect your strengths?

Renate Pasch-Donohoe - Das Gelbe Haus