Dr. Celina Rodriguez Drescher, Transfer Consulting

Renate Pasch-Donohoe prepared me for a series of challenging psychological workshops. Her coaching was characterized by a profound expertise and know-how and her proposals left a big mark on my conceptual work.

As a coach and organization consultant with many years of experience, I appreciated having entered with her into an ongoing peer consulting process. Quasi as sparring partners, we offer each other mutual consulting from colleague to colleague and exchange methodological views at regular intervals.

Ms Pasch-Donohoe is an excellent analyst. She quickly understands facts and circumstances both cognitively and emotionally. Again and again, I am impressed by her sensitivity, while at the same time, she manages to maintain a wonderful balance between her empathy and a sound and intelligent pragmatism.

By means of a wide acceptance vis-à-vis others and her perceptive analysis of both the situation and the emotional implications, she offers an easy introduction to the world of self-improvement. And this is exactly what makes her work so special – almost unique: animating people to accept the (occasionally challenging) work on themselves, following a rhythm that they determine themselves but which also matches their companies’ interest. All this is rounded off by the helpful questions and methods that are essential to enable reflection and the subsequent implementation.

In my experience, her excellent intuition and analysis make it possible for her to quickly find the crucial point to motivate, or even enthuse, her coachees or groups to deal with change processes. She finds the trigger for their willingness to accept change in a friendly, perceptive manner, while always safeguarding their privacy.

All of Renate Pasch-Donohoe’s coaching sessions are goal-oriented and solution-focused. In a manner that is almost unique in the coaching world, she is extremely thorough in the preparation and follow-up of every process / coaching session.

Against this background and within an extraordinarily short period of time, she manages to develop sustainable change for and with her coachees, without evoking a feeling of time pressure – on the contrary.

A part of the excellent quality of her work is that she is able to give her coachees the feeling of having the necessary, protected space that they need when dealing with change, this while guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

At the same time, she ensures sustainability, also by means of a diligent analysis of the coachees’ environment, which is integrated into the strategy considerations. Here, her networking/systemic thinking skills also come to the fore.

At the same time, she manages to firmly set and secure the boundary between therapy and coaching, which, in our business, is often unclear.

In addition to this, she also has a terrific variety of techniques at her disposal, which makes it possible for her to work with groups and individuals, applying elegant, almost playful methods, while remaining serious, varied and always inspiring. It is never boring! And this is also something that, in our work with the demanding clients that we have, can be extremely relevant.

I would also be happy to talk to you personally about Ms Pasch-Donohoe's excellent qualities.