Laurie Groven, Roche Diagnostics

I have worked with Renate Pasch-Donohoe for three years and rely on her as my personal executive coach and as a coach for the team led by me. To best appreciate what Ms. Pasch-Donohoe can bring to you personally or your team, I would like to describe my personal situation and how she added significant value.

I am responsible for a development project that has high organizational visibility and requires a never before accomplished, accelerated completion date. This assignment consists of a wide range of challenges. As a Marketing Manager, I am responsible for a team of more than 50 colleagues in a highly technical project. In addition, my team consists of both Germans and Americans, located in two different countries. Ms. Pasch-Donohoe has helped me build confidence in my abilities to lead and increase my credibility within the team, although I, as a marketing expert, do not understand all of the technical aspects and cannot always be on site. Thanks to her support, I was able to expand my management style, enabling me to get maximum results from a diverse team.

Ms. Pasch-Donohoe also conducted a series of workshops for my team. It was necessary that my team learned how to make our given project goal their own goal and develop personal commitment, passion and ownership around our highly accelerated deliverable. With the teams’ heterogeneity, we had to find a way to identify individual strengths and make optimum use of them.

Ms. Pasch-Donohoe has customized workshops, specific to our needs and evolution as a team, which has been invaluable. She always creates a safe environment, helping us become a stronger team, which learns to discuss and appreciate commonalities and differences. Because of the high level of customization, these workshops are very relevant and produce immediate benefits. Now, our team has common goals and is passionate about accomplishing them. Ms. Pasch-Donohoe’s workshops and facilitation have been a key ingredient to our success.  I will continue to re-energize the team with periodic workshops until the project is completed in order to give the team new impetus.

Ms. Pasch-Donohoe’s team coaching, combined with her personal coaching, has added a unique dimension as an executive coach. Beyond her keen insight into management concepts and group dynamics, Renate now knows my team members and can give me very specific and relevant advice. 

I have grown significantly in the time I have worked with Renate.  Her personal, and insightful, coaching style has made the difference.

Laurie Groven
Director, Global Product Development
Roche Diagnostics Corporation