Elke König, Randstad Deutschland

It was in February 2006 that Renate Pasch-Donohoe began to work as my personal coach. At that time, I stood before the challenge of leading a new team of four members, implementing a Randstad-wide standardized sales concept in Germany and supporting the implementation at regional level.

The coaching aimed at expanding and further developing my leadership competence, with a focus on team-building and steering as well as establishing the team as a centre of excellence within the company. My personal individual coaching was supplemented by a team coaching and solo coachings for individual team members.

Thanks to the coaching conducted by Ms Pasch-Donohoe, I managed to optimize my own leadership style, put my area of responsibility on a solid foundation with the help of annual MbOs, develop visions and position myself as a professionally recognized manager within the company. Our very heterogeneous group developed into a renowned team within Randstad that is now regarded as an international benchmark.

I can absolutely recommend Renate Pasch-Donohoe as an executive coach both in solo and team coachings. She manages to professionally work on numerous key subjects, such as development and expansion of leadership competences, development of measurable goals (Management by Objectives) and visions, effective communication techniques, teambuilding, performance management and individual resource management. She stands out due to a very structured working method that is absolutely tailored to the needs of the coachee. The output of every single coaching session is immense. Every coaching is excellently prepared, conducted in a comfortable working atmosphere and summarized by her.

The same applies to the team coachings. Here, she is always able to concentrate on the individual participants in the specific situation and to listen and respond to them individually.

Renate Pasch-Donohoe manages to take into account both the professional situation / challenge and the possible private consequences for the coachee. This holistic approach supports the work life balance and contributes to the employee’s satisfaction and motivation. Excellent!!

Elke König
Manager Business Concept
Randstad Deutschland