Andrew Cothrel, Roche Diagnostics

I am writing this memo as a letter of reference for Pasch-Donohoe. As a part of a large international project team, both the team and I have benefited from the capabilities of Renate and her company.

Renate has helped the team on many fronts. Early on, there was a clear need to build a team across cultural and geographic boundaries, as well as to rally around and agree to the mission of the team. As time passed, the emphasis has shifted to re-energizing the team, confirming our norms for working, and recommitting to our goals.

Throughout these various facets of creating a successful project, Renate has brought fresh approaches and innovative methods for getting the team to focus on and work through its issues, as well as build camaraderie and cooperation. She as made the effort to really get to know us and our business, so that the content she brings can be related back to the work we do. Her ongoing involvement as our team coach has helped to keep the effects of the workshops from fading, giving us lasting value from our experiences.

Overall, I am very happy with my experiences with Renate Pasch-Donohoe, and feel she gives us excellent value for the time and money spent. She has been a direct contributor to the overall success of our team and our project to date.

Andrew Cothrel
Director, Process Improvement
Roche Diagnostics Corporation