New Year's Resolutions

A new year always offers us the opportunity to reposition ourselves, e.g. by deciding to do new things that can strengthen and develop us. However, instead of stuffing our days with even more actions and resolutions, I would suggest taking one hour to reflect on how a perfect life could look for us.

Let me share with you an experience that I had last week, while I was planning to refurnish one of our rooms. Together with an interior designer, a friend of ours, I created a room in my imagination where I could already see my husband and myself sitting and enjoying the atmosphere. With these impressions in my mind I planned how to implement our ideas, step by step.

Without this vision I am sure I would have bought or found a lot of nice objects and furnished and decorated the room. In the end, the room would be finished but the result would not have completely met our needs or expectations.

A vision gives us the orientation and energy necessary to take the right steps sustainably, instead of losing ourselves in hastily and – in most cases – unsustainable actionism.

Every now and then, take one hour to reflect on how your life could look in an ideal future. It's worth it because only you are the only person who can shape your life so that it fulfils you!

  • What shape should your life have, so that it meets your expectations, motivations and needs?
  • How would such a life feel?
  • How would you be different and what effect would that have on your environment?
  • What is leading you towards or away from this vision?

I wish you a fulfilling 2017 with enough room to follow your dreams.

Renate Pasch-Donohoe