Dr. Juergen Guenther, Freudenberg Technology Innovation

The 2-day PEP training for managers in combination with the 1-day training for the remaining staff leads to a significantly improved communication, less misunderstandings and a clear understanding of which "tribulations" and "mine fields" can be easily avoided.

In the course of the first day we learnt general knowledge about the body’s mental and physical processes and their inter-dependencies and everybody could determine for themselves in which situations they have acted and how. The positive and negative elements which drive us personally therefore became clear and, thus, also the possible burdens in stressful situations.

The differences between people and the ways in which they behave are structured in an easily comprehensible scheme, so that misunderstandings in communication can be interpreted. When all employees are trained and in a position to carry out self-reflection, this facilitates the assessment of interlocutors. At the same time, one can check and vary one's own behaviour in order to focus on a constructive result in communication.

The second day is about using the knowledge of the first day in the manager’s daily routine. Employee-related leadership begins with the employees, their needs and interests and allows the premise "The right person for the right job" to be implemented, in order to promote long-term performance in the interests of the company.

The aim is to identify stressful conditions that can cause illness and lead to exhaustion in the employees, to make offers for discussion and to prepare suitable further measures.

Last but not least, discussing communication patterns makes everyday life easier and allows everyone (staff and managers) to give constructive feedback on disruptive behaviour patterns and to solve communication misunderstandings faster.

Dr. Juergen Guenther - Head of Applied Physics
Freudenberg Technology Innovation SE & Co. KG Corporate R&D