Bernhard Schmidt, Roche Diagnostics

My personal appraisal

I have been working with Ms Pasch-Donohoe for more than two years. She is a great inspiration for my work as a manager and I am extraordinarily happy with both her as a coach and the success of her coaching. I consider Ms Pasch-Donohoe a wonderful asset for Roche Diagnostics.

1.  Valuable theoretical and practical experience

In contrast to most other coaches, she has built up and led a team of more than 80 employees and acquired a vast amount of management experience. In my selection process, this was a prerequisite and the decisive factor when choosing Ms Pasch-Donohoe. She enriches our talks with this valuable experience and I profit greatly from her input in my daily work as a manager!

2. In-depth international experience with Roche:

a) Ms Pasch-Donohoe has many years of experience in supporting and promoting international Roche teams – in Mannheim, Germany, and Indianapolis, USA – in product development processes. Thus, she has an excellent understanding of the different cultures and challenges in these locations. As Global Marketing, especially my department, is represented at both locations, this is of extreme importance to me.

b) Furthermore, I know that Ms Pasch-Donohoe has also conducted many successful coachings with Roche colleagues over the last few years.

3. The success of her coaching is clearly visible:

a) In my department, the topics and approaches discussed and worked upon with Ms Pasch-Donohoe quickly led to a clear improvement in our teamwork, so that my team is on its way to establishing itself as a high-performance team.

b) Thanks to the intensive co-operation with Ms Pasch-Donohoe, I have acquired great clarity concerning my own leadership style, which is an extraordinary help in my daily work with my employees.

Yours sincerely,

Bernhard Schmidt
Head of Global Market Insights
Roche Diagnostics GmbH